If you’re considering RelaNet as your provider of online services, you probably have questions. For your convenience, we’ve collected on this page some of the questions we most often receive from prospective customers. If your question isn’t here, please contact us so we can answer it for you.


What payment options are available?

RelaNet subscriptions are on a recurring monthly basis and are automatically charged to your credit card each month until you cancel your subscription. There are no hidden fees or contracts, and you can cancel at any time. We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

How does the free 30-day trial work for new clients?

We offer the first 30 days of your RelaNet service absolutely free so that we have time to get you set up, and so you can try out the service and make sure that it fits your needs. When you sign up, we will collect your billing information and your free 30 days will begin. If you’re happy with your RelaNet services after 30 days, your credit card will be charged at that time.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our services. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your RelaNet service, just contact us within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. For all the details, see our Customer Terms of Service.


How long does it take to get everything set up?

It depends on the package that you subscribe to, but you can generally expect all services to be set up within a week or two of signing up.

Can I move my existing website to RelaNet?

While we cannot move your entire website to our service, we can use the text and images on your existing website to customize one of our templates.

Do I need to purchase a website design?

No. Every package includes a website based on one of our modern and attractive website templates. Customization of this template to include your logo, images, information, and text is included in every plan.


Can you register my domain name for me?

Absolutely. Domain registration is part of every plan that RelaNet offers.

What kind of domain can I get?

Almost any domain you want, if it is available. Any available that ends in .com, .co, .biz, or .us can be chosen for no additional charge, or you can select a premium domain like those that end in .tax, .accountant, or .accountants for a small additional charge. (Please contact us if you would like more information about premium domains.)

How can I tell if a domain is available to be registered for my business?

You can check if the domain you are interested in is available using the WHOIS service. Just type a domain into the text box and submit the form. If you get a “not found” response, you will know the domain is available to be registered.

What if I already have a domain name?

No problem. We would be happy to manage your existing domain on your behalf.


How do I request a change to my website?

Just email us at the support email address found on our contact page with the change that you would like to make and we’ll be happy to take care of it for you.

What kind of changes can you make to my website?

We can change the text or images that appear on any of your pages. We can also add or remove pages from your website if you would like. Please be aware that any change that would require customized changes your template cannot be accommodated under your plan. Not sure if the change you want is covered? Just ask and we would be happy to let you know.

How long will it take to make the changes I requested?

It depends on the nature of the change, of course, but most changes can be made in one business day. We’ll let you know if your change will take longer than that for some reason.

Can I make website changes myself?

Maybe. We encourage you to post to your blog regularly, but we will need to handle changes to other pages. We control access to these pages because we rely on certain information being in certain places for some of our services.

Which online payment services can I use to accept online payments?

We can integrate your website with Stripe or PayPal so that you can use those services to receive payment through your website. If you have a different payment processor that you would prefer to use, let us know and we can investigate to see if we can integrate with them.

Can you help me sign up with an online payment provider?

We would be happy to provide general instructions for signing up with an online payment processor, but for your own protection we can’t do it for you. Signing up with a payment processor requires bank account numbers and other sensitive financial information that we don’t want to be liable for receiving.


What is a virtual mailbox?

A virtual mailbox simply receives email and forwards it to a different email address. You cannot send email using a virtual mailbox, and there’s no way to “check your mail” using a virtual mailbox. (You would instead read your email in whatever email account the virtual mailbox is configured to forward to.)

What is a standard mailbox?

A standard mailbox is the type of email account that you are probably already used to dealing with. A standard mailbox can send and receive email, and you can “check your mail” by logging into our webmail portal or using any standard desktop or mobile email application. In addition to email features, a standard mailbox also comes with online calendars and contacts that can be managed through the webmail portal or your mobile device. These calendars and contacts cannot be synced to desktop computer applications like Microsoft Outlook.

What is an Exchange mailbox?

An Exchange mailbox is a mailbox that is hosted on our Microsoft Exchange server. Exchange mailboxes are designed to integrate very tightly with Microsoft Outlook on desktop computers, mobile devices, and through our enhanced web portal. An Exchange mailbox can send and receive email, and you can “check your mail” by logging into our enhanced webmail portal or using any standard desktop or mobile email application. In addition to email features, an Exchange mailbox also comes with online calendar, contacts, and task manager features that integrate tightly with Microsoft Outlook. With an Exchange mailbox you can manage your calendars, contacts, and tasks using our enhanced webmail portal, your mobile device, or Microsoft Outlook on your desktop computer.

Can my old email be moved to my new RelaNet mailbox?

If you are already using an email account for your business, we can migrate all your existing email to RelaNet so that you don’t lose your email history. Just be aware that if we migrate your email, we will have to migrate all your email. Partial migrations are not possible, which is something to consider if you have personal and business email intermingled in a single account.

How many emails can I store in my mailbox?

Our standard mailboxes and Exchange mailboxes come with 25 GB of storage per mailbox. That’s enough space to store over one million text-based emails or around 130,000 emails with typically sized PDF attachments, although the exact number of emails that can be stored will of course depend on the size of each email.

Will my RelaNet mailbox work with my iPhone/Android/Blackberry?

Yes. All standard mailboxes and Exchange mailboxes are compatible with email applications that support the IMAP protocol, including the email applications that come with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices. You can also connect the calendars and contacts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry device to your standard mailbox or Exchange mailbox for easy access to these services when you are on the go.

Can I purchase additional mailboxes?

Additional standard mailboxes and Exchange mailboxes are available for a small additional charge if you are subscribed to a RelaNet Pro or RelaNet Business plan. Standard mailboxes cost $5 per mailbox per month, and Exchange mailboxes cost $10 per mailbox per month. Please contact us for more details.

Client Portals

How many files can I store in my client portal?

You and your clients can store a total of 2 GB of files. That’s about 10,000 typically sized PDF files, or around 2,600 large tax return packages.

Can my clients electronically sign documents in the client portal?

Your clients can digitally sign PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download from Adobe’s website. Instructions for signing PDFs using Acrobat Reader are also available on Adobe’s website.

Managed Content

Can I add my own blog posts in addition to the ones you post?

Certainly! We encourage you to make your blog your own by posting articles that are specific to your business and the services you offer.

Can I reprint a blog post for a client?

Absolutely. If you think a particular blog post from our managed content service would be helpful to one of your clients, feel free to send it to him or her by email. You can even print it out and send it to a client by postal mail, if you would like.

Client Newsletters

How often are client newsletters sent out?

Our client newsletter service sends a newsletter to your email list every month.

What’s in each newsletter?

Each newsletter contains two to three feature articles on tax planning, small business financial planning, and personal financial planning, as well as smaller pieces like calendars of upcoming tax deadlines.

What if my client has questions about an article in the newsletter?

In order to help you answer client questions that come from each issue of your newsletter, we will send you a Citation Guide each month that identifies where you can find more information on the topic of each feature article.

Will my newsletter look like it came from me?

Yes. Our client newsletters are all customized with your firm name, logo, and other branding so your clients know that the newsletter came from you.

Can I print out my newsletter for distribution?

Yes. You can have our client newsletters printed for distribution around the office or to send to clients without email access. Please keep in mind that our newsletters are formatted for email, so you may need to reformat them before printing.