RelaNet’s online services come packed with all the features you need to conveniently and securely do business online. Simply decide which features you need and then choose a package to match. If you’re not sure, contact us and we would be happy to help you weigh your options.

Managed Domains and DNS

Domains and Domain Name Service (DNS) are the glue of the Internet. They help others identify you and find you online. Because managing these services is a fundamental part of providing a hassle-free experience, RelaNet includes them in every plan.

Websites Tailored to Your Business

A website is the most important marketing tool of any business. A modern, attractive website leaves a great first impression with new clients and eases your interactions with existing ones. RelaNet websites include all these standard features to create a valuable tool that helps you build your business.

Attractive and Modern Website Templates

Much like fashion in clothing, fashion in websites changes quickly. A website that hasn’t been updated in a few years soon looks out of date, which makes its owner look out of date as well. RelaNet offers a variety of modern website templates that put the best face on your business and leave a good impression with your visitors.

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Website Convenience and Security Features

In addition to all the great standard features above, some RelaNet packages include these extras that add to the security and convenience of your website.

Business Email to Suit Every Need

For many businesses, email is the critical infrastructure that makes doing business possible. It’s one of those things you don’t want to have to think about. You just want it to work. RelaNet can make that happen with a branded email address that makes clients take your business seriously. Depending on your needs, RelaNet has a plan that’s right for you.

Secure Client Portals

Accounting professionals work with a lot of sensitive information that needs to be protected. You would like it to be easy to exchange this information with clients, but you know that email isn’t secure. That’s where RelaNet’s secure client portals come in. Our client portals make it easy to exchange files with clients while keeping their information private and secure.

If you would like to try out our client portals, please contact us so that we can arrange access.

Managed Content for Marketing

The best way to stay engaged with clients and encourage repeat business is to provide interesting and relevant information throughout the year. But creating high quality content takes time, and extra time is one thing most business owners don’t have. RelaNet takes the pain out of creating content by offering plans that include timely content that’s automatically posted to your blog. These articles keep clients coming back to your website and make great content for your newsletter.

Mobile Apps for Your Business

More and more, people use smartphones and tablets to find the information they need. Put your business in the App Store and on your clients’ mobile devices with your own branded app. Mobile apps are an excellent marketing tool and allow iPhone, iPad, and Android users to get information about your business on the screen they carry with them everywhere they go.

Add-On Services

RelaNet plans are designed to serve the needs of most businesses, but sometimes a tailored solution is required. That’s where RelaNet add-on services come in. Our add-on services let you customize your RelaNet plan to suit your needs and the size of your business.

Still have questions about the details? Get in touch!

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