RelaNet Sign User ManualTable of Contents

First Steps

We realize that this is a big manual, so you may be wondering where to begin. We suggest you complete the tasks below as your first introduction to RelaNet Sign.

  1. Learn about RelaNet Sign. There are a few basics you need to know in order to understand how RelaNet Sign works, including what electronic signatures are, and the types of user accounts you can create. To learn these basics, see Overview of Concepts.
  2. Set preferences for you and your company. You will want to set names and email addresses so that you can receive notifications and so you are properly identified in notifications to others. You will also want to set your signature and reminders so that you can sign documents and automatically remind others to sign. To learn how to set this information, see Setting Your Preferences.
  3. Learn how to request signatures and sign documents. Signing documents is the reason RelaNet Sign exists. To learn how to use the signing features of RelaNet Sign, see Requesting Signatures and Signing Documents.