RelaNet Sign User ManualTable of Contents

Signing Requests

The Signing Requests screen displays an overview of signing requests that have been issued in your company. To access the Signing Requests screen, click on Signing Requests in the sidebar.

The main feature of the Signing Requests screen is the table that displays signing requests. The signing requests that are displayed is controlled by the tabs immediately above the table. If the Sent tab is clicked, all signing requests that you sent to others are displayed. If the Recieved tab is clicked, all signing requests that you have recieved are displayed. Note that these tabs are not present for customer accounts. Since customer accounts cannot send signature requests, the table is permanently set to the Received view for these accounts.

Signing Requests Screen

The Signing Requests overview has one row for each signing request. Each row has several columns that can be used to learn about and take action on the signing request:

Exporting Signing Requests

The data in the Signing Requests overview can be exported for analysis or compiling into a report. The data can be copied to your clipboard (so that you can paste it into a document), or it can be exported in Microsoft Excel or comma separated value (CSV) format. To export the data, use the buttons that appear above the Signing Requests overview.