RelaNet Sign User ManualTable of Contents

Staff TEAM

The Staff screen displays an overview of your staff as a grid of cards. One card is displayed for each staff account that has been created in your company. To access the Staff screen, click on Staff in the sidebar.

Staff Screen

The center of each staff card contains information about the staff member:

In the lower left corner of each staff card are colored dots representing the permissions that the staff member has. There are three types of permission dots:

In the lower right corner of each staff card is an ellipsis menu that can be used to take actions on the staff member. This menu allows you to delete the staff member, and edit information associated with the staff member (such as name, email address, contact information, and permissions).

Creating New Staff

To create a new staff member, click the Add Staff button that appears at the upper right of the Staff screen. This will open the Create Staff Account modal screen.

Create Staff Account modal screen

To create the new staff, enter the staff's information into the Create Staff Account modal screen, set the staff's permissions, and then click the Create Account button.